InjectionsIf you have been seriously injured or hurt in an auto accident, you will want to discuss all options and potential solutions with a doctor or medical specialist. When it comes to back and neck injuries, it is particularly important to carefully monitor symptoms and avoid causing additional damage. When exercise, medication, and simple in-home remedies aren’t enough to alleviate the pain and heal the injury, you may want to consider injections or surgery.

What are Spinal Injections?

If you aren’t familiar with spinal injections, ask a medical specialist to explain each kind. These typically include epidural injections, facet joint injections, sacroiliac joint injections, and provocation discography.

These injections usually consist of some mixture of corticosteroid and local anesthetic. The injection takes place at the site of inflammation and is designed to reduce swelling, improve mobility, and reduce painful symptoms. There are also many types of injections that are used to help diagnose your condition.

How Effective are Spinal Injections?

While each person responds differently, spinal injections often prove helpful in alleviating pain related to back and neck injuries. The injections often provide immediate relief, while many people don’t feel the effects until hours later. Injections can usually be repeated a few times  if need be. They often reduce the pain such that physical therapy can be performed more regularly.

If you find spinal injections help alleviate painful symptoms, you may be able to avoid surgery and continue with a non-invasive treatment plan. Discuss your options with a medical specialist today.