Post 4According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 2.5 million passenger vehicle occupants are injured in auto accidents each year. If you are a part of that number and find yourself suffering from back or neck pain, do you have a plan in place for pain management?

Minor Injuries

If your injuries are minor in nature, you may be able to manage your pain with simple in-home remedies like ice and heat, exercise, and medication. This is the best case scenario and usually signals the need for short-term pain management.

Moderate Injuries

If your injuries are moderate in nature, a doctor may suggest a slightly more aggressive course of action. This could include prescription medication, structured physical therapy, and possibly chiropractic care.

Serious Injuries

For serious injuries related to an auto accident, a doctor may suggest spinal injections or surgery. In this case, the pain management plan is about repairing the injury, restoring proper functioning, and alleviating pain.

Back and neck surgeries should never be approached without a clear understanding of the possible risks and dangers involved in the treatment process. You should also be sure to explore non-invasive alternatives first. If you and your medical specialist believe surgery is the best pain management option, you can proceed knowing that a successful surgery could mean considerable pain relief.