Neck PainIf you are experiencing back or neck pain as a result of a low or high impact or high velocity auto accident, there are solutions for relief and recovery. The goal is to find the best one for your individual situation and work from there. Here are a few solutions, in order of injury-severity:

  • In-Home Remedies. If your injury is not serious in nature, you can often treat yourself with some simple in-home remedies. These include taking NSAIDs, applying ice and heat, and getting plenty of rest. Sometimes simple stretches and exercise can also help get you on the road to recovery. Before deeming your injury non serious, it is best to get a doctor’s professional opinion.
  • Doctor’s Visit. If your body experienced enough force and whiplash, you likely need the assistance of some sort of doctor. Consider getting prescription medication, seeing a physical therapist, using a knee brace, or scheduling a massage.
  • Surgery. If your injury is serious in nature, surgery may be the only option. In that case, it is best to discuss all options with a medical specialist. Back or neck surgeries are serious procedures and should be handled with caution and care. Except for rare occasions, one should exhaust all non-operative options before having surgery.

It is never advised to diagnose symptoms on your own. To discover the optimal solutions for your individual situation, make sure you see a medical specialist and talk through all options.