Auto AccidentIn the United States alone, more than 2 million people are injured or disabled each year as the result of auto accident injuries. While those who survive auto accidents are fortunate, they are often left with varying levels of injuries. Two of the most common are back and neck injuries. No two injuries are identical, but there are often well-developed treatment plans already in place for specific types of auto accident injuries. Here are some common treatments suggested by medical specialists and doctors:

  • In-Home Treatment. For back and neck injuries that are not believed to be serious in nature, in-home treatment is preferred. This usually involves any combination of ice, heat, exercise, rest, and medication.
  • Structured Recovery. If the injury is slightly more involved, a doctor may suggest a patient see a professional therapist. Exercise therapists can often accelerate the healing process, using structured and targeted stretches and strengthening exercises to reduce inflammation and improve mobility.
  • Injections or Surgery. When exercise and rest don’t seem to work, it may be necessary to look at injections or surgery as viable options. Injections are often used to numb the pain and reduce inflammation, while surgery can reverse the injury and encourage proper healing. Before surgery is considered, patients should discuss all benefits, risks, and alternatives with a medical specialist.